Attractions at Lost World Amusement Park

If you are visiting Malaysia, and that too, with kids, you have got to visit the Lost World Amusement Park. It is truly one of the most breathtaking destinations, located on the outskirts of Ipoh. This Malaysian outdoor park holds a prominent position in the tourism and entertainment sector in Malaysia today. If you thought that the park was only for kids, think again. There are other features like hot springs and lush green forests within the premises as well. Get access to some thrilling rides and land-based amusement rides. Your kids will not agree to come back.

Adventure Express
Adventure Express

You can now hop on a locomotive that will take you around the park. On the way, witness the old ruins of temples and castles, rivers, and the wild tigers that are on the prowl in the jungles. It is the perfect ride that will take you around the place without you having to walk a bit.

Lupe Adventure
Lupe’s Adventure

Now, if you are a roller-coaster aficionado, you will simply love Lupe’s Adventure. You will be enthralled with the dives and high rush along the steep structure of the loop. All youngsters will simply love the ride. In fact, it is Perak’s first roller-coaster ride, which offers a huge adrenaline rush as well.

Perak Parade
Perak Parade

If you remember the song on the merry-go-round that all kids learn sometime in school, this is time to hum it once again. However, you have got to be waiting on the sidelines, and sing the song for your kids. Once your kids sit on the animals, they will forget the outside world and will not come down anytime soon. This is one of the most loved attractions in the Lost World Amusement Park.


Who does not love the pirate ship? And, if you happen to climb atop it and swing as if you are on the rough seas, the thrill doubles. The ship will swing at least 180 degrees and will give you the best ride. Close your eyes for a while, and feel as if you are at sea.

Giddy Galleon
Giddy Galleon

Another one of those perfect family rides is the Giddy Galleon, which will make you giddy all too soon. It is basically a flying Dutchman. Moreover, it goes round and round to give you the best fun ride ever in an outdoor theme park.

Dragon Flight
Dragon Flights

Get up and tied to your seat, and allow the ride to rotate and take you on a whirlwind trip. It gives the feel of a free swing, and kids love them. The wind in your face will make the journey even more exciting, to say the least. If you love the feeling of getting dizzy, go onboard a second time.

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